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--this is my life...

&& nobody said you had to like it =)

My name is amanda. I graduated from Appalachia High..I am 20 years old && got Hazel eyes that often change some to green..My Hair color is light brown with a touch of blonde..My Height is about 5'7.. I was brought to this world on Dec,9.1988...Here is a little bit about my life. To start off I have a syndrome called [[Treacher Collins Syndrome]] It's a face defect..I only have a mild case of it thank gosh.I've not met anyone else that has it..That is how rare it is..I have had a hard life.I have had some surgery through out the years since a was 5 on my face.I don't look anything much like i did when I was younger. Friends have accepted me for who I am and that has not changed a bit.I believe the surgeries have helped me a lot with my life, also has givin me confidence in myself..My friends and family have been there for my over the years to. I love them so much I'm thankful to have them. Here is some more info about my life::I graduated from Appalachia in '07. Feels like i was just in high school but it fly's by once ur out.. I'm currently working at save-A-lot, been there for almost 2 years. I enjoy time with friends,family. Love shopping,&& my favorite color is PINK!!♥!!((I <3 80's music!!))It's mostly what I listen to..I even like the style in the 80's..I <3 Dr.Pepper It's my favorite drink of all time!! I could live off of it if I had to =]..I have a new obsession and its **Twilight** I have read all the books that are out && the movie is OK(books are better). Love the sunshine: I've got a lot of energy in my body so I'm always hipper and out & about!! I enjoy playing tennis,Taking pictures,skating, shopping, &&being with friends. I'm a happy person and love having fun.I'm always somewhere that there is action going on.I have plenty of friends that are there for me. **want more info give me a holla** ((Peace<3)).